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One of a kind ICO platform:

If you are thinking of starting your own initial coin offering to fund your project CoinStarter could be a solid option to your question.  With a current operating beta platform with over 100,000 members and counting, who believe in CoinStarter’s ability to provide sound and productive environment to get your project out to the public.


Crowdfunding to the next level:


For most out there we all know of crowdfunding and some of the issues for either the funder or those being funded.  One is that there may be a product that you feel is outstanding and would be worth funding to only find out that it is just a fraudster just taking in money.  Two is that some are just of the chart expectations that just don’t come to fruition .  Third is that for those with a great and meaning product that is legitimate will now have to pay a percentage usually up to 20% or more from funds need to start production.  That could be a hefty chunk of needed capital. Honestly there is more pros and cons out there to put together but seems the cons are outweighing the pros to normal crowdfunding.


What CoinStarter will do for those wanting to create an ICO which will be productive with both funding and promotion will be the use of their technology based platform.  This to jump start your project in just minutes instead of the dreaded waiting period of days, maybe even weeks that most current crowdfunding platforms do.  All funds are received as cryptocurrency which relieves the burden of financial institutions.


Overall CoinStarter is very transparent, will provide a smooth process and exciting environment for everyone.


At the moment CoinStarter is preparing their own ICO.  You can sign up to become a member in a one of a kind platform for crowdfunding by ICO.

Register here:  Coinstarter ICO

More information at: CoinStarter White Paper


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More news to report on CoinStarter in the coming days. Stay tuned!