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Wireless data game changer using blockchain to provide worldwide data.

What is Dent?  ( Dent )

DENT Wireless LTD, based in Hong Kong, was founded in 2014 as Commando Coder Ltd. when Tero Katajainen decided to develop an automated market system with built-in risk management functions. Parts of this product are now being integrated into the DENT marketplace to allow buying, selling, and donating of mobile data packages on the marketplace. In 2017, the other founders invested in the company and joined Tero in the adventure to develop and bring DENT marketplace to the world.


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Frequently Asked Questions about DENT


What does DENT Wireless do?

DENT Wireless is a company with a mission to tokenize, liberate, and democratize one the most important commodities in our time: mobile data and bandwidth. We are developing mobile apps and a marketplace using Blockchain technology for buying and selling of mobile data packages, which can be direct telco products, or originating from users that sell unused mobile data packages to each other.


When will the DENT Mobile App be released?

The iOS Version is planned to be released in December 2017 and the Android version shortly thereafter.

The app will allow sending of data to any of the mobile operators that we are connected to.


What Operators is DENT connected to?

USA: AT&T, Verizon

India: Airtel

Brazil: Vivo, Claro

Mexico: America Movil ,Telefonica

Bangladesh: Robi, Grameen Phone, BanglaLink

Nigeria: MTN, Glo Mobile, Etisalat, Airtel

Sri Lanka: Hutch, Mobitell, Etisalat, Airtel

Oman: Ooredoo


What problem is DENT solving?

Mobile data access today is for many people as valuable as hot water or electricity. When we don’t have Internet access, we fear that we are missing out. However, access to mobile data and bandwidth is controlled by just a few companies in every country. The mobile operators keep the supply restricted and the prices high. Unused data allowances are made to expire every month and that creates billions of dollars of profits for the operators at the expense of the user.

We want to liberate mobile data and bandwidth, users need to be able to freely remit or donate data to other users. World-wide.



How are you solving this problem, what is the long term goal?

To make this change, the telco market needs an overarching marketplace, which will give users and telcos alike the tools to disrupt the current business model by themselves, for their own benefit as they’ll profit from repeat sales of data allowances. DENT marketplace will be the global platform for mobile data and to globalize payments.


As our long term goal, DENT is aimed to be the global marketplace for mobile data, where in the best case scenario all the world’s mobile data would be sold and bought and even donated via DENT marketplace, similarly to other commodities like international currencies are traded today. DENT marketplace will give mobile data consumers a direct way to affect the way telcos price their data.


What parts of the Mobile Operator Business will you aim to disrupt?


First: We will liberate mobile data help customers to buy, sell or donate mobile data with the click of a button.

We remove borders and create a global mobile data marketplace with fully transparent data prices. We remove restrictions and wastage caused by limited validities. Second, we help operators to serve more customers and utilize their networks better. Operators can easily connect with the DENT platform to serve a global customer base, without the need to establish silo’ed own platforms.


Second: We want to remove the Data Roaming Fees or reduce them to a minimum

Very simple. In today’s telco world, when you as a US customer are – say – in Sydney, Australia watching a video, all that data traffic is routed from the US. This is obviously not the best economic way and all the data carrier cost, the so-called interconnect cost and the operator margin on-top drives the data price up that you have to pay. We want to short-circuit data access in the most direct way. Internet access will happen where you are, and the cost will be as cheap as if purchased locally. That’s called LOCAL BREAKOUT and DENT will be driving the adoption of that.


Third: We will drive the Data Sharing Economy

With DENT, we take the global mega-trend of the “sharing economy” one step further. People are sharing apartments with airbnb, businesses are sharing storage and compute with cloud services, and we for the first time enable sharing of mobile data across any DENT user. The sharing economy optimizes asset utilization and reduces waste, thus driving down prices for everyone.



Supported Mobile Operators 28.12.2017:


The initial markets for the DENT iOS app are USA and Mexico.

You can use the DENT app to send (remit) data from all over the world to users of these operators.

To be able to send data, only requirement is to have the DENT app installed on your iPhone and to have DENT credits on your account.


The following Operators are supported to receive data from you:



– America Movil

– Telefonica



– AT&T (Postpaid customers only)

– Verizon (Postpaid customers only)




  1. Download the App from Apple App Store and Install the DENT app on your iPhone.

When the app is available on Apple App Store 28.12.2017, you can to download it from there, the app name is “DENT”.


  1. Register yourself with the DENT service by using your mobile number


After installation, you need to register yourself by typing your mobile number. Please read the terms and conditions and the privacy statement, and if you accept them, please click on “Proceed” and you will receive a 6-digit code per SMS.


Please type in the Code and click “Validate”.

After that, you can create your personal profile using facebook or google accounts or manually enter your name etc.


Thats it, you are ready to go!


  1. How to send / buy data?

First you need to select a recipient, either select her from your address book, or type in the telephone number manually. Then Click “Choose Offers” and you will be shown the available packages from the operator the recipient has.


Please note that the receiver needs to be a customer of the above mentioned operators.


How to buy or transfer DENTs on the mobile app?

When you registered yourself the first time, you might have received a welcome package of DENT credits. Those DENTs can be used immediately for buying your first data packages.


NOTE: DENT prices are reacting to the prices of DENT on the market, therefore the data prices and DENT prices may vary. As DENT has appreciated a lot in the last weeks, there is a wrong price for the initial reward in the app: It says -wrongly -that you will receive 1000 DENT, that is not correct, the launch Initial reward is 30 DENTs. The price relation to Data packages is the same, as Data has also become more affordable in the same relation DENT/DATA.


Buying DENTs from within the app:

To buy more DENT to be used for Data purchases, just go to your account by clicking on your profile at the top right corner of the app, then Click “Buy DENTs and select the package and pay with PayPal.

Transfer DENTs from outside wallets:

On your profile page, click “”Transfer DENTs from Wallet”.

Then you will see a QR code and the wallet address where to send DENTs to.


IMPORTANT: If you send DENTs to this account, you can only buy data with those DENTs, there is no withdrawal or return of those DENTs back to you at this stage.



Where is Dent coin sitting at right now?


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