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Refereum – A gamers euphoria!

Refereum provides referrals on the blockchain, built for the game industry. Refereum is the first referral marketplace for games. The RFR token rewards gamers for their engagement and purchases with full transparency. Over 150,000 gamers have joined the platform in the two months since launch, and the number of gamers continues to grow exponentially. The Refereum solution can be extended easily into other verticals. Our team is made up of veteran game industry experts and world-renowned blockchain specialists.



Checkout one of the games on the Refereum platform


More games available below:

Fortnite PvE Campaign

Battle Group 2

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Rocket League

 More coming soon!


Refereum benefits all participants in the ecosystem:

• Developers can improve their marketing campaigns. They no longer have to pay huge upfront fees for campaigns that do not provide strong ROIs. They can reward individuals directly, after a successful purchase. The blockchain solution removes fraud and legal paperwork to reward not only for the purchase, but also a variety of call-to-actions. It enables microtransactions of $0.0001 for completing a tutorial to $1m for winning an eSports tournament.
• Influencers can monetize their following. Any streamer or influencer, regardless of the size of their following, no longer has to wait to be approached by ad agencies for campaigns, and instead, can choose relevant and monetizable content for their followers. Influencers with niche yet active audiences who may not have been sponsorship material previously, can now potentially earn a living.
• Even the average gamer can share in the token economy just for doing what they love. Simply by sharing links or moving up a gaming level, anyone can earn RFR tokens. The blockchain referral ecosystem will now allow the 99% of gamers that actually make up the vibrant community to participate economically as well.



Video explaining the Refereum platform


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